Friday, June 03, 2005

My Virtual Literary Garage Sale ...

've been living in a hidey-hole for a week because I needed some mental health days, and one of the things I did is clean out the storage shed, and put all the excess stuff in the garage. That meant that the cars wouldn't fit, which was the heart of my nefarious plan to trick myself into having a garage sale sooner rather than later. Worked, too. Garage sale is set for Saturday. Come by. Buy stuff. (In case anyone cares what else I've been doing while playing hooky, I posted an entry over at my personal blog. Fascinating reading. Really. I promise.)

Anyhoo, I was sitting here thinking what I would sell if I could have a literary garage sale, and I came up with quite a list (not literary as in books ... literary as in FROM books. My books, to be specific).

So here's my list:

A magical belt once owned by Aphrodite, which has the power to make a woman irresistible...

A smart-mouthed ferret ...

A large supply of chocolate bars ...

Volumes of rare erotica (actually, maybe I'll keep those, along with the chocolate ...)

A magic cat with the ability to grant wishes...

A stunning diamond necklace ...

A fabulous pair of Givenchy shoes ...

A demon-hunting survival kit, complete with cross, holy water, and a Happy Meal toy ...

Anybody else want to play?


Kristen Painter said...

I'll take the magic cat and the diamond necklace and trade you a crock of pixie dust and a 1100-year-old Viking Chieftain turned NYC underwear model.

Wait...I don't think I'm giving up the Viking...

Jaci Burton said...

Oooh what a fun game!

Let's see. For my garage sale, I'd sell...

A pair of wrist and ankle restraints. Only slightly used. *g*

Leather flogger.

Chocolate and butterscotch body paint.

A magical elven sword

Tarot cards (crystal ball tossed in for free)

A weekend stay at a ritzy hotel/casino in New Orleans. Beware of the weather though. It's subject to change.

A South Carolina plantation home

A grooming kit for the GQ werewolf

April said...

hmmm...I'll take the smart-mouthed ferret (cuz he was funny) and I'll give you an enchanted locket worn by a faerie princess AND if you act now, I'll even throw in my very hot, male gypsy, who is only slighty more annoying than the ferret.

Liz Maverick said...

A large supply of ammunition from Secrets 8

A moldy slice of pizza and some adorable strappy sandals from What a Girl Wants

A tired horse and more surplus ammunition from The Shadow Runners

An Antarctic parka from Adventures of an Ice Princess

A set of caviar spoons and an even larger pile of ammunition from Crimson City

A wedding officiant dressed as Elvis from Card Sharks

I want the pixie dust. See anything you wanna trade, Kristen?

Gena Showalter said...

I'll sell:

A pyre-gun to kill any type of alien you so desire

A old trinket box with a sex slave hidden inside (just make sure you push the right button :)

A bottle of Imperian white sand (slightly magical)

A naked male stone statue (beware of kissing his lips)

Kristen Painter said...

Liz, I do love caviar so the spoons sound good but since I sold my Walther PPK, I have little use for ammunition.

Strappy sandals might work. Do they magically adjust to fit any shoe size?

(Be careful with the pixie dust - in small quanities, it's a restorative, in large quanities, it'll kill ya.)

Catherine Spangler said...

Oooh, fun! I just love bargain shopping. I wouldn't mind having the pyre-gun, in case I run across any Controllers (what, me bloodthirsty??). I can offer:

1) Three lanraxes (Turi, Lia, and Rani)--from the Shielder Series

2) One sexy Saija silk robe (from Shielder)

3) One Thermaplant (from Shadower)

4) One of Lani's blue-feathered boas (from Shamara)

5) One smart-mouthed android named Max (from Shadow Crossing)

6) A Branuka bug (from Shadow Fires)

Any takers? ~ Catherine

Jana J. Hanson said...

Jaci --

You have my number. I'll take the South Carolina plantation home (so long as it doesn't look like Belle Isle from Fletch 2).

Julie Kenner said...

I knew you guys would get into this!!! Wish me luck. Tomorrow is the garage sale w/ the not-nearly-as-interesting-stuff. Spent much of today in the attic. Found a spider in my hair later. Some of you probably actually heard me screaming ....

PC Cast said...

Okay! I want to play, too.

Catherine, I'd really like the blue boa.

Gena, baby - the white sound sounds divinely dangerous (naturally I want it).

Jaci - I'll barter for the leather flogger - does it come with the floggee?

I'll trade...hummm...
An ancient urn that just might take you places (Goddess by Mistake)

A winged hero who has a taste for blood (Elphame's Choice)

A map to the Underworld with the path to Hades's Palace clearly marked (Goddess of Spring)

A night with the Sun God, Apollo, who has temporarily lost his powers but none of his...well...POWERS

Any takers Ladies??


Gena Showalter said...

PC ~
I'll take the map (must. . . have. . . it), but I need the path to Hades bedroom marked, as well. And the sand, well, it's yours! Consider it a trade. I'm also interested in this winged hero. . . I'd like to give him a map that leads straight to my neck.

Jaci Burton said...

Jana - Plantation home is yours

PC - Of course it comes with the floggee *g*. And I'll trade you the flogger for Apollo ;-)


PC Cast said...

Gena and Jaci - It's a deal! (You naughty, naughty girls!)


Diana Peterfreund said...

Liz, I'll trade you the Antarctic parka for a long, scary-looking knife with a handle in the shape of a jaguar (from Lost Girls).

Mia Zachary said...

Ooh, I just found out about the sale. I guess I'm too late for the diamond necklace and weekend in New Orleans?

I'll sell a week in the Florida Keys, a cloth bound journal and a collection of loud Hawaiian shirts(from Red Shoes & A Diary)

An original oil painting, a set of James Bond videos and white Armani evening gown (from Yours in Black Lace)

A fire helmet, a Maryland blue crab and a karaoke machine (from 9 1/2 Days)

A photo of Frank Sinatra, a gold cross pendant and a Mustang convertible (from Another Side of Midnight)

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