Thursday, June 16, 2005

Spray Paint Report--Rebecca York

My mom used to have a saying, "Anything worth doing is worth doing well." I have known for a long time that anything worth doing may be worth doing half-assed.

So--to make a long story short. The paint works. I had six faded blue plastic patio chairs. I sprayed the FRONTS of three chairs. And they look good. I will touch them up tomorrow. Home Depot didn't have a lot of paint choices. So I had to select a blue that was darker than the original color of the chairs. But it seems to have worked. I mostly sprayed the tops (part you lean back against) seats, and arms. I also put a little paint on the front legs. One can was enough to do the fronts of three small chairs. And one can was all I could do before my trigger finger got tired.

I have two cans of paint left. So there's enough for the other three chairs--plus touch-ups.

Um right--I could go buy new chairs. But where's the challenge in that and the sense of accomplishment in that? Also, it used to be easier for me to bring home large items like furniture and mulch. I bought myself a little blue pickup truck for hauling things around. And I happily used it for several years. That's how I brought home the bricks for the front porch and the marble-topped chest I got at an auction.

Then I let my son take the truck away from me. And I've been sad ever since. (He drove it for several years and gave it a lot of wear and tear. So finally we had to junk it.)

I should get back to writing. Now I'm wondering if I should go out and do the other three chairs.
Rebecca York


Michele said...

I'm so glad the painting of the chairs worked out. Revamping or refurbishing instead of throwing still usable things out is a true Yankee trait. It would be a waste to take up space in a landfill if the chairs still work. You are environmentally savvy. Kudos!
Oh, thanks for stopping by my blog and explaining Andre more fully. It makes it easier to see why she fell in love with him and it highlights the impact email has even in the "real" world. Trust is a biggie.
Almost last: you "blog" just fine. It took a fellow poster to help me with links. I love learning and blogging is my latest focus.
Lastly, is that a dolphin or a porpoise with you? What a wonderul photo!! That must have been so much fun!!!!?

Intrigue Author said...

It's a dolphin with me. The first time we went to Discovery Cove in Orlando, we had a dolphin session.

Rebecca York said...

I should have also said--I love using old things instead of buying new. I have a lot of "antiques" in my house, and also old furniture that I've recycled. I'm sitting in the sun room right now using my laptop. Across from me is a "painted Mexican cabinet" that I made from the kitchen. cabinet that used to be over my refrigerator. Now it's painted raspberry--with flowers on the front. And I tiled the top. Next to me is a table made from one of grandmother's plant stands and a metal tray I bought a long time ago at Cost Plus. And I've got my grandmother's piano stool in here--which I use as a little table.

Michele said...

Thanks for answering my post!
That is so awesome that you've kept some of your Grandmothers things and gave them new life. What a wonderful way to keep connected to someone you loved now that they are no longer with you.
That just brings on the "warm and fuzzies"

Nosey said...
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