Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Become a character in a Gena Showalter book!

Have you ever wanted to be a vampire? A mermaid? A centaur? Now is your chance!

In celebration of my white-hot paranormal romance, Heart of the Dragon, where dragons, vampires, demons and other creatures stalk the night, I'm doing a random drawing from my e-newsletter group. Sign up now! The winner’s first name will be given to one of my characters in an up coming book.

To enter my contest, visit here
To read an excerpt of Heart of the Dragon, visit here
To buy Heart of the Dragon, visit here and here


Julie Kenner said...

What a fun idea!!!!!

moonhart said...

Hey! I try to enter this contest and it tells me that it is already closed. What gives Gena? And can I give you a name? Like PC Cast? Or something?



Gena Showalter said...

Hmm, that's odd. It shouldn't be closed since I just started it. Let me see what's going on.

Michele said...

I saw the name notice.
For the amusement record, I'd choose to be a vamp...a very seductive, mysterious vamp...but whomever I'd seduce, have to leave them alive. Anything else is just ICK.
Heh, even being a vamp I'm still driven to be a goody 2 shoes.

Michele said...

my ADD is showing again.
I saw "the SAME" notice.

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