Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Guest Blogosphere Spotlight

In an effort to promote new authors (and to reacquaint with old favorites), we at OOTB will be featuring 'guest bloggers' throughout the year. First up in the "hot seat" is



I was born around Philadelphia, spent my formative years around Seattle, and now reside in the midwest. I went to Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin, for my undergraduate studies, majoring in East Asian Languages and Cultures, with a minor in Biomedical Ethics. I then attended law school at the University of Wisconsin, graduated in 2003, and became an attorney. I loved law school. Did not like being a lawyer. Which is why I decided to become a writer.

I've studied and traveled extensively through Asia, and spent some time working at the US Embassy in Beijing. I love to read, I love to write, but what I love best of all is proving to myself that dreams do come true.

Oh, and I like poodles, too.

Marjorie is the author of The Dirk & Steele Series featuring Tiger Eye and Shadow Touch (releasing February 2006), and is a member of the Crimson City team which includes OOTB's own Liz Maverick. Marjorie's book A Taste of Crimson is a USA Today bestseller and a Romantic Times Top Pick.

Marjorie's current release, X-Men: Dark Mirror, returns Marjorie to her fangirl roots.

Check back on Thursday to learn more about Marjorie but in the meantime, you can visit Marjorie's website or her Live Journal.


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