Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Guest Blogosphere Spotlight

This week, the blogosphere spotlight shines on


Rachel Caine has been writing and publishing novels and short stories since 1991. She is a former professional musician who has the distinction of having played with such musical legends as Henry Mancini, Peter Nero and John Williams ... she's also an avid movie buff, a TV-holic, and prefers a good stout Guiness to wimpy American beers.

In addition to a fearsome writing schedule, she maintains a full-time job as a Director of Corporate Communications for a large multinational company.

Rachel Caine is the author of the Weather Warden series (featuring Ill Wind, Heat Stroke, Chill Factor, and Windfall), as well as Devil's Bargain and Devil's Bargain for Silhouette Bombshell.

Check back on Thursday to see Rachel's guest blog. In the meantime, stop in at her Live Journal to keep up with her latest adventures in writing.


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