Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

In the spirit of l'amour, I thought I would pose this question:

Who is your favorite paranormal couple in books, television or movies?

Since I asked the question, I'll be the first to answer. There are several paranormal couples that really accelerate my heart rate. Many are the creations of OOTB authors. However, my all-time favorite couple, the couple that still causes my heart to flutter, even in reruns, is:

John Crichton and Aeryn Sun of Farscape

The angst, the drama, the 2 Johns! When I win the lottery, one of the things I plan to buy will be the entire Farscape series on DVD. This series was awesome, and everything a sci-fi girl could want from cable television -- great writing, intriguing characters, believable plot and Ben Browder (aka John Crichton) in leather pants.

So, who is your favorite paranormal couple?



Joyce said...

The few shows (SG-1) where Jack O'Neill and Samantha Carter actually showed what they felt for each other.

Catherine Spangler said...

I have to chose a couple from a book, since I read far more than I watch T.V. It's a difficult choice, because there are a lot of great paranormal romances about hot, sexy couples. But I think my favorite is Eve Dallas and Roarke from the J.D. Robb series. They're explosive together, and Eve had better watch her back!

Joyce said...

Catherine, You are so right about Roarke!! He just seems like he would be perfect at everything! In my prior comment I was thinking in terms of TV, but in fiction you are so right. It is so great to see how Eve has developed in the relationship. She has gone from being a loner to a twosome.

Deidre Knight said...

Oh, John and Aerynn!LOVE them. I've actually started peeking at SG-1 just so I can watch "John." :)

Of course, I'm a terrible shipper of Starbuck and Apollo on Battlestar, but that's clearly going NOWHERE. Sad sigh.

Joyce said...

Another great pair was Duncan Macleod (Adrian Paul) and Tessa.

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