Thursday, March 09, 2006

Five Questions With...J. R. Ward

Back today with J. R. Ward, author of the amazing The Black Dagger Brotherhood.

How did you create the Black Dagger Brotherhood? Which Brother burst onto the page first? Which is your most favorite Brother and why?

Actually, they found me! I don’t feel like I created them. The world just showed up in my head fully formed. I was amazed as that’s never happened to me before. And Wrath was the first one who came to me. It was through him that I saw the others. As for my favorite Brother? Zsadist. Definitely. The cruelty and anger in him captured my interest, but I was like, wait a minute- is he a bad guy or a good guy? Then I realized he was a future hero and I saw his other sides... and fell in love. His book is all finished and I believe I did him justice. He so deserves something good in his life.

Explain your writing process. Do you go with the flow of the voices in your head? Do you plot a specific path and stick to it?

Here’s how the Brotherhood works: I outline the books beforehand in detail. The outlines are about fifty pages long and cover everything that I see. Then I block out scene by scene the first third of the book. There are so many plotlines going at once, I have to make sure, especially in the beginning, that I am very clear where I am. Then I draft. By the time I get to drafting, things are pretty settled. Still, the Brothers surprise me, throw me little somethings as if they want to make sure I’m still listening...

Wrath made a complete 180 during the course of Dark Lover. Will we see how his life has changed in future books now that he’s ascended to the vampire throne (and more of his life with Beth, of course)?

Wrath is not disappearing, that’s for sure! Though the other books are focused on whatever Brother is on deck, you see the Blind King and Beth and the other couples, too.

Rhage and Zsadist will make appearances in March and September, respectively. What can we expect from their stories? Which Brother’s story will you write next?

Rhage’s book (Lover Eternal)is a wild ride- I mean, what with his dragon and all! And it is Hollywood we’re talking about... he’s inherently a little outrageous.

Zsadist’s book (Lover Awakened) is darker which makes sense given who he is. I was worried about writing him, actually, because I wanted to portray him accurately, but he's been through a lot. Some parts of his story need to be handled carefully.

After Z, it’s Butch, followed by Vishous and then Phury. There are another four books following that, two of which involve folks you meet along the way. The order of these stories is not clear to me yet- but the Brothers will tell me eventually!

Currently on your horizon is more of the Brotherood, right? {I'm a shameless beggar. Jaci will agree with me though.} What’s on your agenda once their stories have been told? Any new characters fighting for their place in the mix?

Yes, absolutely! There are a total of ten Brotherhood books, two of which involving folks you meet along the way. As for hwat comes afterward, there are more alpha males, more adventures, more magic and horror and beauty. And maybe even more Brothers!

Thanks J. R.!!! Why are you still reading this guest blog? Go out and buy J. R.'s books -- you will not regret it!!


Jaci Burton said...

Squeeee! One of my favorite authors and absolute favorite series! Definitely go buy these books NOW if you haven't read them yet!



Gena Showalter said...

I've read both books (and I'm panting for the rest!) You jumped to one of my all time favorite authors. I simply LOVE the characters and the world and how you weave each of the stories together.

Michele said...

I just finished Lover Eternal this evening!
Oh Wow! It had me on tether hooks until the last page. I am SO glad to hear that the next book will be about Bella and Zsadist....L.E. left me hanging...
Mr. O is so bizzare. The idea of the Omega creeps me out. What a great villian!
Thanks for a wonderful read! And for causing me to lose sleep from staying up so darn late trying to read it in one night, LOL!!

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