Friday, May 19, 2006

Guest Blogosphere Spotlight

We're doing our Spotlight and Five Questions a bit different this week. Why? Well, this week's quest is Serena Robar, and Serena comes bearing


(her book, to be exact)

How do you win a copy of braced2bite? Keep reading.....

I spent my school days addicted to reading romances of all kinds. I would tuck a Romance in my open science book and pretend to be following along with class when I was really lost in a fantasy world of happily ever after. Though my knowledge of mitochondria is woefully limited, I can boast a vast array of trivia about the pirate trade of the 16th century, American pioneer life and Regency etiquette of the Ton.

Living in the Pacific Northwest, I can be found writing the next book in my teen vampire series. It's my secret hope that my books will find there way inside science text books, sparking the imagination and talent of the next generation of writers. My apologies to teachers everywhere.

Thanks to everyone who entered Serena's contest!

Check back on Monday for Serena's FIVE QUESTIONS.....


Heather Dawn Harper said...

Miss. Snarky Pants, I mean, Mary Janice Davidson. ;)

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