Sunday, July 30, 2006

Release: Heartmate by Robin D. Owens

All his life, Rand T'Ash has looked forward to meeting his HeartMate,with whom he could begin a family. Once a street tough but now arespected nobleman and artisan, he has crafted the perfect HeartGift,which, in the custom of the psychically-gifted population of theplanet Celta, is the way a man finds-and attracts-his wife...

Danith Mallow is irresistibly drawn to the magnificent necklace ondisplay in T'Ash's shop, but she is wary of its creator, despite anoverpowering attraction. In a world where everyone is defined by theirpsychic ability, Danith has little, and thus is at the opposite end ofthe social spectrum from T'Ash. But T'Ash refuses to accept herrejection, and sees it as a challenge instead. They are HeartMates,but can T'Ash persuade his beloved to accept her destiny by his side?

[Reissued with an awesome new cover. Isn't it sweltering hot???]


Jennah said...

I really love this cover. Sounds intriguing!

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