Saturday, October 28, 2006

James Webb Joins the Club!

I put an entry on my blog about James Webb getting treated like a romance writer. I'd love it if some of you gave me your thoughts on this.


Meljprincess said...

It's a shame. Whenever someone is running for political office someone else has to dig up something on that person to discredit them. In this case it's that Webb has written about (gasp) sex. And how hypocritical when that someone else is having it!
Americans have always been uptight about sex. We are prudish. It's too bad we can't be like our friends across the pond who are very accepting and open when it comes to sex. We treat sex like something very hush, hush. Yet the Europeans treat it as it should be, a very natural beautiful part of life.

Liz said...

All I can say is he deserves it

catslady said...

I agree with Mel and that our Puritan ancestors really did a job on brainwashing us.

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