Monday, October 02, 2006

Now Touring: Seduced by Magic by Cheyenne McCray

Cheyenne McCray's enchanting and deeply sensual Forbidden Magic left readers captivated and eager for more. Now, in Seduced by Magic, the stakes are higher, the passion hotter, and the danger darker than before.


Copper Ashcroft is an accomplished D'Anu witch, but the magic she wields is a potent force-strong enough to hurl her into a mysterious Otherworld when a spell backfires. Before Copper can escape, another being is pulled into her realm-Tiernan, a powerfully virile Tuatha D'Danann warrior. Blond, blue-eyed, and shamelessly seductive, Tiernan could be Copper's savior.and his touch sets her body on fire.


Like others of his kind, Tiernan stands alongside the D'Anu witches to battle the demons of the Underworld. Obligation to his cause and his people cautions against any entanglement with Copper, yet each second spent with this beautiful, uninhibited woman stirs an insatiable hunger. Desire explodes into carnal bliss, but the visions that haunt Copper's dreams are growing stronger, and they foretell a terrifying evil waiting to be unleashed.


Saving the city will take more than brute strength.more than witchcraft. Only together can Copper and Tiernan find a way to overcome the dark forces-and seize a passion that has bewitched them both.


Cathy said...

This story sounded so good, I went to your website to read the excerpt. Very, very hot. I would love to read more.

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