Friday, December 01, 2006

Release: Divine by Choice

After being mistaken for a goddess in the mythic world of Partholon, high school English teacher Shannon Parker settled in. She adores her sexy centaur husband, is getting used to her connection to the powerful goddess Epona and thoroughly enjoys the pampering from both! All is looking very right in her world…until she is wrenched from Partholon and sent back to Oklahoma.

As she struggles to return to the world and the husband she loves, Shannon discovers she is not alone.

A great evil has followed her. Now more than just Shannon's future is at stake, and she needs to somehow tap into our world's dormant magic. Her only ally is her husband's mirror image in Oklahoma--a man who loves her too much. Shannon must figure out a way to vanquish the ancient evil and not lose her life, her soul or her heart.

Along the way she discovers that being divine by mistake is a lot easier than being divine by choice….


Liz said...

Wow PC
This sounds awesome I have Goddess of the Sea and Goddess of Light so I have to get this one

PC Cast said...

Thanks Liz! You know that you should probably read Divine by Mistake first, though. Right? This is a Partholon book and not part of my Goddess Summoning Books. But I promise you'll enjoy the fantasy!

Liz said...

Its on my list as we speak. i was cleaning out all my books this weekend and found tons I didn't even know I had. And I haven't touched any of the boxes upstairs or down or under my bed. I find over 30 double copies, so i really want to finish going thru.

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