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Night Rising, Vampire Babylon, Book One, reissue today!

NIGHT RISING, Vampire Babylon, Book One, by Chris Marie Green

This is a mass market reissue of NIGHT RISING, which is the first book in the Vampire Babylon series. Books two and three, MIDNIGHT REIGN and BREAK OF DAWN, are available in trade edition now. Book Four, A DROP OF RED, will be released in trade format March 3, 2009.

Welcome to Hollywood—after dark…
Stuntwoman Dawn Madison is a girl with attitude—and a lot of issues, mostly about living up to the legacy of her mother, a world famous movie star whose untimely death left Dawn to be raised by her dad Frank, nobody’s notion of single-father-of-the-year. Now that she’s grown up, she and Frank aren’t on the best of terms, to say the least.

Still, he is her dad, and when he vanishes while investigating the bizarre sighting—caught on film—of a supposedly long-dead child star, she comes home to Tinseltown to join the search for him. Working with his colleagues—a psychic short in stature but big in dreams, a beautiful Latina techno-geek, and the P. I. firm’s never-seen boss—she discovers an erotic and bloody underground society made up of creatures she thought existed only on screen.

They are devious. They are deadly. And some of them are dangerously attractive…

(ISBN: 978-0-441-01686-0)

Excerpt: http://www.vampirebabylon.com/excerpt_nr.html

About Chris Marie Green
A long time ago, in a land far, far away (Milwaukee, WI, St. Luke's Hospital), Chris Marie Green (also writing as Crystal Green) joined the world. While moving to Southern California, then Kentucky, then back to California and now Nevada, she amused herself by writing poetry and short stories featuring the ultimate Alpha males--Superman and Indiana Jones. Later, after graduating with a B.A. in English from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Chris decided to become a professional writer.
While she pursued this goal, Chris worked as an eighth-grade teacher, but resigned in 2002 to pursue writing full time. She creates urban fantasies for her Vampire Babylon series, action-adventure stories, and romances. She also loves to read, overanalyze movies, practice yoga , and travel, and details her obsessions on her Web pages, www.crystal-green.com and www.vampirebabylon.com.

Reviews for Night Rising
“An engaging heroine and a killer mystery. Bring on book two!" - Kelley Armstrong
“A book to die for! Dark, mysterious, and edged with humor, this book rocks on every level!”
- Gena Showalter

“If you like your fantasy with an edge, then you've struck gold. Despite the vampires and other para elements, there is a ring of truth to the biting, no pun intended, allegory. This is a fantastic start to a new series and one you should try to keep up with as it unfolds.”
- Amanda at the Eternal Night Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Fiction Web Site

“Night Rising – Vampire Babylon is the first book in a new trilogy set in the exciting world of paranormal Hollywood written by author Chris Marie Green. Described as a noir-mystery-fantasy series, it is dark, erotic and compelling reading.”
- Amanda at Lovesvampires.com
Chris Marie Green does a wonderful job of bringing this gritty, dark novel to life…. If this is the first installment of the VAMPIRE BABYLON series, I can’t wait to see where [the author] takes the rest of the books.
-Chere, Best Reviews/Paranormal Romance

Green's storytelling prowess is hitting on all cylinders in Night Rising: a brilliantly developed plotline; compelling, realistically drawn characters; and enough ghoulish antagonists, horrific murders and erotic encounters to satisfy fans of all genres. Regardless of categorization, Green's latest is pure, unadulterated storytelling gold. Highly recommended.

-Paul Goat Allen, Barnes and Noble

Website: www.vampirebabylon.com


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