Thursday, May 19, 2005

Can I come and play? Deidre said it was okay.

First, let me just say, if MaryJanice Davidson, of all people, thinks she's got "nothing," then I REALLY don't belong here. I mean, I've read her Undead books like three times each, which is really unusual for me, and, don't shoot me, but I didn't think I even LIKED vampires until I met Betsy and Sinclair. So, seriously, MJ has plenty to say that's worth reading. :-)

Anyway, Deidre invited me to play, so I'm gonna play. I'm Shannon McKelden, and I sold my first book, VENUS ENVY, uh, 35 hours and 21 minutes ago!!! Yay for me! I'm still on a high, so don't mind me if I don't make any sense.

VENUS ENVY will be out in approximately February of 2007 (yes, that is a SEVEN at the end of that number), so don't go rushing right out to buy it. On the bright side, it will be part of the LAUNCH of Tor's new Chick Lit imprint, and from what I hear, I will not be disappointed being part of a LAUNCH. (I have come to love that word in the last 35 hours and 23 much so that I kept typing LAUNCH instead of LUNG while I was typing medical reports at my day job today. LOL!!)

I guess I'd call what I write Paranormal Lite. Because, truthfully, I thought I'd just written a chick lit novel. I didn't even realize I'd written a paranormal until Deidre said to me last October, "Don't you think that sounds more like a paranormal romance/chick lit?" Hmmm...funny that the goddess-turned-fairy godmother thing didn't clue me in. See why I need Deidre? She's brilliant. Or at least uses her brain, whereas I still have a little trouble with that concept. Wait till I tell the story of how I was trying to name the second book in the VENUS series, and I wanted to call it VENUS "MAN" TRAP, and Deidre said, "Why not GUY trap? Since that kinda rhymes with FLY trap." Duh. Unagented writers just do not GET all of the benefits of having an agent!!

Well, that's probably enough of an intro. You now know that I would have trouble functioning on my own. And, that I'm inexperienced enough not to recognize a quality vampire if it bit me in the...neck. But, I'm ready to play with all of you, if you'll let me!! Not sure what I can contribute to the group, but maybe the awe-struck new author POV is worth something. :-)

Thanks for the invite, D! ;-)


Anonymous said...

LOL on the titles Shannon. Just think of all the exciting things that are going to happen between now and the release date :)

Deidre Knight said...

Oh, wow! I didn't even remember that I added the "guy" to "guy trap." :) You're a title genius. Anyone who could come up with VENUS ENVY deserves a title princess crown. :)

This blog is starting to cook now! Keep it coming, ladies!

jana j. hanson said...

I'm waiting for the book already, Shannon! Congrats again!!

Shannon McKelden said...

Yeah, Diedre, but you seem to forget my first book (the one that hasn't seen the light of day yet), first titled "Lover's Lounge." I do believe you also renamed that one for me as "Not That Kind of Girl." Much better. Oh, and the second one (that also hasn't seen the light of day yet) that I called something else, YOU renamed, quite aptly, "The Kiss Test." So let's see, out of three books, I'm only 1 for 3.

Since I did get it right once, though, I'll have to blog about the origin of VENUS ENVY and how it morphed from my original idea for the book to its present form.

Can people making a living blogging? Cause if I could, I'd be well on my way to riches. :-)

Thanks, Bonnie and Jana! I'll sign you a copy some day!


Deidre Knight said...

Um, Shannon? While you are VERY kind to extole me as a title genius--and it brought a big smile to my face--I do have one little thing to point out. The book that sold is the one you titled!! :) Maybe that should be a commentary on my title capabilities. Though, in all honesty, I still LOVE both NOT THAT KIND OF GIRL and THE KISS TEST. Both so good--b/c I don't remember coming up with EITHER by the way. I think you did it.

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