Thursday, May 19, 2005

Blogging is not like's harder...

When I write, I get to make up characters and interact with them in these lives that no one else would know about if I didn't get them from my head to the page. It's all really interesting...but then you get to blogging and it's all supposed to be real. Hello? Can I make up an interesting story about my day and share it with you?

I do want to say congrats to Shannon on selling her first book! Fabulous news and many happy thoughts zooming your way! Feb '07 will be here before you know really will. I didn't believe anyone when they told me that after I sold my first book. And admittedly, I only had one year to wait, but it passed by so darn fast I coulda got whiplash if I'd tried to stop and smell the roses like everyone kept telling me to do. LOL I do hope you get a few really nice, pleasant whiffs of yours! Maybe that extra couple of months will do it for you, but knowing writers being what they are, you'll be so busy creating more new worlds, those scented beauties will be dried and hanging in your attic before you knew they were there in the glass vase on your desk. :)

Diedre is a lovely, lovely person and yes, very smart. I'm singing her accolades and she's not even my agent and I *love* my agent to bits besides. But you meet some special people in life you never forget and for me, Diedre is one of them.

I write lite paranormal fact, neither Lori Foster, Dianne Castell, or myself had a clue what we'd written for STAR QUALITY was paranormal until our editor told us so. LOL But I'm moving deeper into the world of paranormal with my own brand of werewolves out from Berkley in 2006. I'm so excited about it, I about hyperventilated when they bought the novella I'd written just because I *had to* between deadlines on my other books. My first single title paranormal won't be out until '07, so I guess that puts me in a similar place to Shannon...waiting. LOL

That's all for now...hope everybody is having a great night!

Take care,
Lucy Monroe


Deidre Knight said...

Waves to Lucy! You've made my day, sweetie. What a lovely compliment--thank you. And I'm blushing too! I can't wait to read your werewolves. Calling them your "own brand" made me very curious. See, what a marketer you are! :) D

Lucy Monroe said...

LOL D...You know I just don't like to do things the way everybody else does them. Which is probably why I homeschooled my kids with curriculum I stayed up 'til 2 am most nights writing and improving for years. LOL There is definitely something to be said for pre-written curriculum and having them in school is even easier. :)

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