Thursday, June 09, 2005


This is horrible for me, **banging head against wall** I prefer to write and let the plot come. But if I HAVE to plot (and I do), I handle it a couple of different ways. I like the "Story Magic" idea that Laura Baker, Robin Perrini, and Laura DeVries did. I've listened to conference tapes of the seminar many times and I've had "plotting sessions" with my critique buddies, but have get to do a full "getaway."

I make notes. I use software (Dramatica Pro), I bang my head against a wall to jar in ideas. I stare at the ceiling or the walls of my bedroom (I've sponge-painted the bedroom in different shades so the light can change the color throughout the day, etc.) Then I use crutches...Pam McCutcheon's How to Write a Synopsis, stuff like that to try and put the plot in some semblance of order.

Just talking about this makes my head feel funny.

Love to all,


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