Thursday, June 09, 2005

How Does The Plot Thicken?

I thought this might be a fun question to ask of all writers.

How do you plot a book? Do you have a plotting group that you bounce ideas off of, or do you go it alone? Do you have friends that you talk about plots with, someone to listen while you brainstorm your way to a full fledged plot, or is yours a secretive, one on one process that you share with no one? (That would be like stealth plotting, huh? *g*)

This is how I plot a book--I get an idea for a story I want to write, then I jot down some really messy notes that make no sense to anyone but me. Okay, sometimes they don't make sense to me either *g*. When I gather them into some semblance of coherency, I write up a very loose outline. Then I ask my husband to read it. He either pronounces it 'fine' (which is guyspeak for 'that idea rocks, babe!') or gives me detailed explanations for why it sucks.

I also have a couple writer friends I've known forever and I know I can grab them at a moment's notice, present my story idea to them and they'll tell me whether it seems workable or not.

I like opinions. Sometimes I wonder if I'm on the right track and don't want to spend time working out a full blown storyline if it doesn't have a chance of succeeding. Others, I know, trust their own instincts and never need input on their plotlines.

So come on writers....share how you plot your books.



Jill said...

How do I plot? On a wing and a prayer. I need a better method ...

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