Tuesday, June 21, 2005

WOW! Hot Off the Presses! I have bookses! And info on Contractual Author Copies.

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I shouldn't be here because it is thundering and lightning and whipping branches around outside my office window (open with no screen to let the air in, I'm on the 2nd story).

I came home to HUGE boxes of books! Both Heart Choice and What Dreams May Come have arrived! The first time I've ever received my books before they were published from Berkley. I know I have 75 copies of Heart Choice, it's in my contract (K in legal shorthand). That (along with film rights) was one of the things I negotiated in my first K, up the author copies from 25 to 50, when I got my new agent, she upped it to 75. WOW! The novella K was brief and I don't know how many I received of What Dreams May Come, I'll have to count. The metallic cover is bluer than the more purplish cover flat I got. Wow.

Guess you can tell I'm excited. I've been talking about teasers on my blog http://www.robindowens.blogspot.com/ (and more tomorrow) and I only have a tiny 2-3 page teaser of Heart Quest in the back of Heart Choice (yeah, yeah all those durn "Heart" names, I gotta list) -- not what I was expecting, but what I wanted.

Oh, joy! Oh, rapture! My preciousies (try to spell and type that 5 times fast...).

Love to all,


Michele said...

*Literary Hugs and jumping High Fives*
What a wonderful surprise to come home to. You'll be celebrating for awhile!
You deserve it.

Gena Showalter said...

What an absolutely fantastic cover for Heart Choice. I LOVE it!!

Shannon McKelden said...

They look great, Robin!!

Nicole said...


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