Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Blogospherians in the News

Out of the Blogosphere participants Julie Kenner, Mary Janice Davidson and yours truly (Shanna Swendson) were all featured in a recent Dallas Morning News article about what moms can read while they're waiting for their kids to finish reading the new Harry Potter book so they can get their hands on it.

You can find the article here, but I think the site requires free registration (it shows up for me, but that's my local paper, so I'm registered).

I've noticed that the article seems to be showing up in other papers, too, so it must have been syndicated. Looks like we're making progress on that world domination plan.


Tori said...

Very, very cool!!!

Michele said...

That's positive feedback no matter how you look at it!
Wonderful news. I wish my newspaper was that savvy!

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