Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Dangers of Having an Active Imagination

So, we're building a pool (yay!!!!!! wish we'd thought of it before the END of summer, but yay!!!!).

At any rate, we had to figure out how to handle the child safety issue. We thought about a Catch-A-Kid net, but I'm lazy. I won't swim if I have to undo the hooks to get in the pool, and then I'll be annoyed at having to redo them again, and the pool will go unused and I'll be mad at myself. Not a good plan.

We ended up with a fence that goes around the decking, and is removeable so that we can take it down for parties and when C gets older.

None of which really has to do w/ my topic, but it's a nice lead in, because the other option we considered was the electronic cover that slides over the top of the pool, making a solid top. But we ruled that out because a) it costs a FORTUNE, and b) I couldn't handle it. I mean, just sitting at the kitchen table, I'm imagining me swimming laps underwater (which I like to do) and some evil guy comes into our yard, turns the key on the thing, and traps me in there.

Not a good way to promote lap swimming, let me tell you. I already have to battle the "there are sharks in this pool" fear that comes from having such terrible myopia that the end of the pool looks like a gray blur (I'm investing in prescription goggles!).

I'm thinking this must be a writerly trait, because I do this all the time. Creaky noise in the house? We MUST be under attack. Strange bug in the firewood pile? Invaders from another planet, no question about it.

So who else? Anyone spun any good yarns (other than in their books) lately?


Julie Kenner said...

Audit... :::shudder:::

And, um, yes. Telling stories to the IRS is probably a bad thing, LOL!

Sun Singer said...

During the day, squirrels, chipmunks, deer, random dogs and cats, cardinals, bluejays and other "celestial entities" emerge from the narrow strip of woods behind our house.

At night, the old trees and the choking privet become a Mr. Hyde kind of woods. Raccoons emerge, which is okay except when they eat the ripe tomatoes out of our garden. Mosquitos emerge, and that's not okay.

However, my imagination conjurs up dark thoughts about the stuff that could emerge from the dark wood. Yes, I know that a dark wood is a symbol for the unconscious and the God-knows-what-kind-of-stuff that's lurking there. Even so, I have managed to populate the wood's evenings of darkness with stuff I don't want to think about (even though I do) and stuff I don't want to talk about (because I think talk lures it out of the gaps in the privet). Sometimes, my imagination just refuses to go off line for a minute and give me a break.


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