Saturday, September 10, 2005

Back from Online Hiatus and Trip Down Under...

It's great to be home. It really is. No matter how wonderful New Zealand and Australia were to visit (and if you want to read about that just visit my blog or read my hubby's (in)famous trip reports), I'm happy to be back in my own little space.

I've also come up with an idea for another werewolf book...single title and contemporary. I'm going to take some time in December to work out the first few chapters and see what I can do with it. Until then, I'm working on my first werewolf historical for Berkley and the research for this one has been very interesting to say the least. But I love I told some other online's a way of life for me.

I'm constantly asking questions and poking my nose into things...and having fun doing it. I do get some strange looks and I've had more than one instance when my kids have said, "Not now, Mom! Stop interviewing the waitress...we want to EAT!" LOL that I'm officially back online, I'll be checking in from time to time and participating more in discussions.

Hope everyone is having a fab weekend!

Lucy Monroe


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