Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Venus is in the House!

[Due to a previous engagement with a birthday cake and a bottle of champagne, Shannon McKelden is unable to attend today's Blog Block Party. In her place, she has sent Venus, star of upcoming book VENUS ENVY.]

WANT AD: SWFG/G (Single White Fairy Godmother/Goddess) seeks willing Cinderella to help fulfill quota, so I can get off this Zeus-forsaken planet. Fixer-uppers okay, though must be willing to do most (ALL!) of the work. Prefer slender build and fabu fashion sense (for clothes sharing), hot straight male friend (for double-dating), and no family issues (I'm not a freakin' psychologist). The argumentative, stubborn, or those not willing to follow my advice need not apply!

Seriously? I sooo should have used the above ad to choose my next victim...I mean, godchild. Deciding that whoever complimented my new Gucci handbag would be the next Cinderella was sooo beyond stupid. I mean, seriously, what was I thinking?

I suppose I could have done worse that Rachel...although how, I'm not sure. She didn't fit any of the above criteria (I couldn't wear ANYTHING in her closet, she had only a bitchy, suspicious female friend, and her issues were beyond annoying!) She was the most uncooperative godchild ever. Kept insisting she didn't even want to find Prince Charming! What woman doesn't want Prince Charming?!

Oh, and the guy I picked out for her? Hubba hubba. Firefighter. Mr. March on the firefighter calendar, for Zeus's sake! What was not to love?

Well, anyway. What matters is I got the job done. And, it did make an awesomely entertaining book, mostly because it was about me, me, me. In fact, you can just read the chapters titled Venus. Those are my chapters and really the only important ones.


Okay, fine. Rachel says you have to read her chapters, too, because--and I quote--"that's not fair." Whatever.

Well, in the spirit of being fair, I'll even let you preview a little bit of VENUS ENVY, and I'll let it be part of Rachel's chapter. And, I'll chose one reader to win an Advanced Reader Copy of VENUS ENVY.

So, here are the rules:

Read this excerpt.

2) E-mail the answer to the following question to (put OOTB BLOG PARTY in the subject line).

The question: What is Rachel's nervous habit? (See? I made it about her! Ha!)

3) The winner will be chosen randomly from among correct answers received by Friday October 20th.

Can't wait (or don't win)? You can pick up VENUS ENVY in stores starting on December 26th!

Oh, and check out Shannon McKelden's blog for some awesome upcoming news that is totally all about me! - Venus


Bonnie Ferguson said...

LOL }:)

bamabelle said...

Love the excerpt! Very funny! :)

Meljprincess said...

Hi Shannon! We met in Lauren's blog in MySpace. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you brought that bottle of champs over here to party with.
Venus has quite the sense of humor and I'll bet she'd love a good mimosa. I have your very first newsletter in my mail but I'll read it later. My date last night with the werewolf wore me out. I have a nasty hangover and I'm drinking a Bloody Mary. You know, hair of the dog and all that.
See ya in MySpace!

Jennifer Y. said...

I love this book's title!

Estella said...

Great title!

Ali said...

Interesting story :-)

Shannon McKelden said...

Thanks everyone! Keep reading my real blog, even after the party's over, and keep up to date with me. I have a "fabulous" birthday story to tell...not. But it might make you laugh. :-)


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