Tuesday, May 06, 2008

For Mother's Day

With Mother's Day coming up, I wanted to share this yummy tidbit:


Shari Teams With Extraterrestrial Writer! Making a 'berry' great best seller.

Not too long ago, best selling author, local writer, airline pilot and mother, Susan Grant looked to another Sacramento mom in business and used her true story: that of a famous Sacramento-based chocolate-dipped strawberry entrepreneur for the fictional persona she was creating in her latest book. This is Grant’s 10th published book and since its recent release has appeared on national bestseller lists.

Susan’s heroine Evie, and her budding chocolate strawberry business, is based on the real-life Shari Fitzpatrick. “Meeting Shari and talking with her about her early days in the business really brought Evie to life for me. They share the same smarts and bubbly personalities—and best of all, the talent for creating to-die-for-delicious treats” says Susan.

“When Susan first approached me about this new book, I must admit I was hesitant in letting someone create a character based on me for a science fiction book! In fact, at first, my husband wasn’t enthusiastic about the project, fearing I could be misrepresented. But I was intrigued by the idea and interested in meeting Susan” says Shari. “When I first met her I was impressed by the fact that this petite woman can land a 747! It was an honor to help her create Evie.”

HOW TO LOSE AN EXTRATERRESTRIAL IN 10 DAYS (HQN Books) is about a divorced mom who’s forced to offer shelter to a “reprogrammed” Terminator-like assassin as part of a witness protection program. She bets he won’t last 10 days in her chaotic, teen-filled Roseville home, and, boy, does he prove her wrong! This is the third book in the Otherworldly Men series, fun romantic comedies about a near-miss alien invasion.

Treat Mom to a great read, and a great eat this Mother’s Day!
Shari’s amazing gourmet dipped strawberries are shipped overnight, nationwide all year round and are available online at http://www.berryfactory.com/ by calling 877-7-dipped and in all Greater Sacramento Area Shari’s Berries retail stores.
In 1989, Shari Fitzpatrick opened her first retail store, the home of the nation's leading brand of hand-dipped strawberries, in Sacramento, CA. What began as a hobby and gift idea years before soon became a passion and a booming business, resulting in four successful retail locations in the greater Sacramento area.
Today Shari has is focusing her creative energies by expanding her offerings through her latest company, The Berry Factory™. Considered the “Founder’s Reserve Label”, her exclusive collection has taken hand dipped berries to the next level. In addition to Shari’s original creations, The Berry Factory features a variety of innovative new selections including Cheesecake Berries™, Caramel Apple Wedgies™, Baseball Berries™, a Private Label Reserve Zinfandel wine and for the holidays, Candy Cane Berries™. The Berry Factory ships gourmet gifts nationwide.

HOW TO LOSE AN EXTRATERRESTRIAL IN 10 DAYS is available at all major bookstores and in dozens of countries around the world. Look for MOONSTRUCK, the next book in the series to hit shelves in May 2008! Visit Susan on the web at http://www.susangrant.com/


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