Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Blogging Isn't For Sissies

Hello from Leigh Wyndfield. That's me. I write spicy romances set on unearthly planets and other paranormal ditties for Red Sage and Liquid Silver Books. I've spent most of the day pressing a link to an error page, but through no genius of my own, I seem to have made it! Thanks to Deidre Knight who so valiantly helped me get here! When I emailed technical support, they sent me back an email saying they don't really respond to emails, which I thought was pretty crafty on their part, since they give the illusion of support but never have to actually follow through. Makes lazy bones like myself get off their duffs and scroll through the 400 pages of help files they have.

I feel like I should say something really exciting, but all I can come up with is: Please check out my website for excerpts and a free story in the Biography section. Perhaps when I've recovered and had some of MaryJanice Davidson's orange juice I'll return with more witty and insightful posts! Leigh


Gena Showalter said...

Leigh, it's so wonderful to have you here!!!

Michele said...

I just visited your website. WOWZA!!! I read your "story" and I'm hooked. I've not read your work before, but if that is only a small sample of the big picture, I'm gonna have to have smelling salts next to me when I read.
I am SOO glad I was introduced to OOTB by another author I site I visit (Nina Bangs) otherwise I would have missed you. Please, please tell me you are going to "finish" the story. Can't leave him like that on the balconey! Now we need to see how it is going to go between them at their work place. You are GOOD!! or bad, depending on your definition *grin* *wink*

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