Wednesday, May 18, 2005

May The Blogosphere Be With You

You know, this blog thing isn’t for wimps. I love a challenge as much as the next gal, but I think it’s a certified miracle I made it online at all. But hey, welcome! I’m C.J. Barry, author of the UN-forgettable series for Dorchester Publishing. I won’t bore you with the entire UN list but the latest futuristic, UNMASKED, comes out in three short weeks. Woohoo! You can find all the details on my website.

Oh and if you get a sec, enter my
contest. I’m giving away a $25 gift certificate to Waldenbooks on June 15th.

Special thanks to Deidre Knight for her vision, patience and amazing powers of bloggerdom. I wouldn’t be here without her, trust me.

And get a load of the company I’m keeping! I hear more are coming too. :-) So be sure to check back often.

It’s great to be here with the readers who make my books possible, and the authors who inspire me.

Until next blog
CJ Barry


Deidre Knight said...

Hey, June 15th is my anniversary! Maybe I will win. It could be like when Gena had an ARC drawing on her egroup and I won--so she had to make a second drawing! :)

I'm so excited about your book. We have a LOT of new releases about to come out in this group. I think you guys should get together and do a single post overview--what do you think? :) Deidre (AKA Blogadellic)

Gena Showalter said...

Can NOT wait for the book, CJ!!!

Michele said...

I've visited your website and I've already entered your contest. I just wanted to say "Howdy" to you here as well. This is a fun place to visit and I'm finding authors I've not read yet. My TBR pile is going to be taller than me this summer. Looking forward to YOUR book too! But you knew that already. *grin*
Did you know they are making Tron.2?
Can't possibly be better than the first one...

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