Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Howdy from Texas!

Hello, hello! Julie Kenner here, and can I just say how thrilled I am to have been invited to this party?! And can I also just say that I'm supremely annoyed not to have one of Gena's ARCs for Awaken Me Darkly in my hot little hands. Harumph! The girl posts the first chapter on her website and then goes and leaves me hanging. I mean, really? Is that fair? I think not. (I'm allowed to tease her because we're doing a Naughty Girls book tour in June. So, uh, Gena. I'm just teasing. Really. But if you could just pop a book in the mail ...).

And, of course, HUGE congrats to Jaci, Angela and Catherine, who've already shared their good news!

Let's see, since I think this is really supposed to be an intro and not simply a convenient opportunity to tease and congratulate the other girls, I should probably say that I've got a paranormal series starting this July with CARPE DEMON: ADVENTURES OF A DEMON-HUNTING SOCCER MOM, and I'm super-excited about it. In fact, I just found out that it's going to be included on the BOOKSENSE Summer Paperback Picks list for 2005! I'm positively giddy!

What I'm not giddy about is the fact that I'm currently (literally at this moment) taking an on-line defensive driving class. Those silly Georgetown police officers are so particular about that pesky little 40 mile per hour thing! What, you might ask, does that have to do with writing paranormal fiction? Not much. But I thought I'd share the joy. I also thought I'd share my rambling thoughts about how nice it would be if I could dupe myself like Barbara Eden used to do in I Dream Of Jeannie. That way, Julie1 could be writing the books (and blogging and surfing the Net) and Julie2 could be reading about road conditions and the importance of vehicle maintenance. Even better, I could send Julie2 to the grocery store. And she could empty the cat box and fold the laundry ... You know, this is sounding better and better.

Maybe in my next book I'll have a body-duping genie. Hmmmm.

Okay, signing off now. Next time, maybe my post will be less weird. But don't bet on it.



Deidre Knight said...

Ah, Julie, if the Power of Duplication gets to passed to either Julie1 or Julie2, could you arrannge for some De-Duping as well. I am in serious need of not just my usual De1 self, but a De2 and possibly even a De3. :)I'd sure appreciate the good word with Dupe Central.

Kristen Painter said...

It's okay if your posts are a little weird. After all you write paranormal and you ARE from Texas. And of course, by that I just mean that your imagination must be very, very big. :o)

Now, about that duplication thing. I'll take some of that too when you're handing it out.

sybil said...

Oh sure, don't come to san antonio.


Julie Kenner said...

Ohhh, Sybil! Are you in San Antonio? Hmmm. Well, never say never, I'll be back on the road in July when Demon comes out (not sure exactly when, but I'm sure y'all will hear about it!).

And Kristen and Deidre, I'll pass along your names to my R&D department :)

As for being weird, well, I just can't help it!

Gena Showalter said...

Julie!!! One of my favorite people and writers. If I don't get my hands on TGC and CD soon, I can't be responible for what happens!! I'm counting down their releases...

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