Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Welcome to a special and interesting place! And am I glad to be here. I'm Robin D. Owens and I write futuristic/fantasy romances for Berkley and fantasy with a romantic subplot for Luna books.

I guess I'm best known for my animal companions --fams-- most particularly the telepathic cats with attitude and a certain pink fairy who is Wild Magic personified. The first are found in my "Heart" series, HeartMate, Heart Thief, Heart Duel set on a "Celtic" planet founded by Earth folks with psi powers, in the far future. The fairy/shapeshifter companion/mentor/trickster is Sinafin and appeared in Guardian of Honor (which may still be in bookstores near you -- in the fantasy section).

I have excerpts up at my website OF COURSE, My FREE SERIAL is up here.

Wow, that took a bit of time to copy. It's eharlequin, Online Reads (tab at top) Online Read Library (bottom link left sidebar), scroll down, A Longer Story with More, Scroll down to SONG OF MARWEY. whew!

I have a radio interview if you want to hear chunks of Guardian of Honor and discussion, at Archive, Definitely Dana (left, about 5 down), and I should be first up. I don't sound TOO squeaky and you could hardly hear the yowl when I yanked my notes out from a cat who'd sat on them.

July will see another Heart book, Heart Choice, and a novella, Road of Adventure, in the trade paperback anthology What Dreams May Come with Sherrilyn Kenyon and Rebecca York. I just finished my second Luna book, Sorceress of Faith, and it should be out next February.

I guess that's enough of All About Me -- and more than I wanted to say, but it's typed now, isn't it?

CONTEST AT MY WEBSITE is for an Advanced Reading Copy of Heart Choice this month. Really, check out my Reads page for all my work...

**Waving** at folks and running for her bus to the day job.



Gena Showalter said...

Welcome Robin!!! It is beyond awesome to have you here!

Michele said...

I'm a reader visiting the blogosphere for the first time. Oh My Gosh, I LOVE the "Heart" books. I was SO into Holm Holly's story, now Apple. I was left hanging at the end. How could his Dad do that ... of course I sort of understand. I strongly hope that his story continues and gets resolved in the next book??? Congratulations in creating a world a reader can not only get into , but care about the fate of the characters.

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