Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Yeah, I got nothin'

I'm not as interesting as everybody else here, so I'll just say hi. And bye. Because other than my books (the Undead series, the Alaskan royals, etc.) there's just not that much going on. Well, I tried a new brand of orange juice today. And it was pretty good. Sweet, but not too pulpy. I hate having to chew my juice. Anyway. So. I'll just go now.


Catherine Spangler said...

MaryJanice! What do you mean, you "got nothin'"? Give me a break. You've hit numerous bestselling lists, UNDEAD AND UNAPPRECIATED comes out in July, and starting in July, you have a book out every month through February. Duh. I would tell you how much I love your books, how I've read the first two "Undead" books several times each, but you probably wouldn't believe me. Word of advice, girlfriend: 1) Keep writing or thousands of fans will go into a deep depression; 2) Eat a lot of chocolate--it fixes virtually everything; 3) Don't tell us you "got nothin'" (we know better); 4) Keep writing (oh, already said that). Etc., etc., etc. Got it? Good! ~ Catherine

Deidre Knight said...

MaryJanice, I don't think you've convinced us. :) Let's take a poll here: does anyone actually BELIEVE this woman, i.e. that she's "got nothin'"? Nah, me neither.

Jaynie R said...


Fabulous girl. That's the way to post.

I hate chewy orange juice too.

Gena Showalter said...

MJ ~ I will make sure you never come in contact with pulp again if I can rub against you (in a good way, for all you dirty minded people!) in Reno. I want to take home some of your awesomeness. I ADORE your books.

Jaci Burton said...

I dunno...I kind of like the extra pulpy orange juice. Must be my oral fixation *g*

See, MJ? Even juice can spark lively convo ;)


Michele said...

Hello, I'm a visiting reader. Have to say, for an intro, you are way too modest. You DO have lots to say; it is apparent in your books. Speaking for myself, I say ThankYou!!!! You have great gifts; saucy humor, a fertile imagination and the ability to bring the reader into a world where they are not only glad to be there, but want to come back to visit again and again. When I see your name, I smile - you have that affect. I agree with Ms. Spangler, keep writing, I don't want to lose that smile *grin*

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